Log Lines


The Field (Sci-Fi, Feature): In a future where augmented reality controls our perceptions, an intelligence agent investigates the conspiracy surrounding her lover's death and must expose the world's true nature before humanity fades away.

Eastern Star (Period, Feature): A taunted astrologist cracks a night sky code about a divine newborn and embarks with skeptics on a treacherous pilgrimage where they risk their lives to save the child.

The Harbinger (Slasher, Feature): Marked for death, a youth minister pursued by two beings from another dimension ravaged by vampires must endure when she learns her death will usher in a vampire apocalypse.

Nine Bullets Later (True Life Story Optioned: Crime-Drama, Feature): An alcoholic assistant district attorney faces a high profile case after an altruistic car salesman survives a true life horror story he never saw coming.