Brian is the survivor of his own serialized-procedural-medical-legal-family-drama-true-life-horror-story. If he told you his life story, you wouldn't believe it. And if you did, you might just think you were staring into the Matrix.

At age ten, he began helping run his family's real estate business through recessions. Later, he obtained degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy. As an engineer, he went from making sure everything from nuclear weapons to cat-blog servers operated with Intel inside before temporarily living on the street.

He knows first hand what it takes to solve difficult problems in storytelling because that's what you have to do to live on the street. Story saved his life. And, while he can never be absolutely sure that he won't be reinserted back into the Matrix, he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the Wachowskis made him fall in love with sci-fi, fantasy, and telling stories on film.